What Type Of Fan Are You?

All of us that watch or follow basketball have some sort of connection with the game, the teams, and the players. Whether you’re a casual fan or an absolute fanatic, there’s a certain level of fandom that we attribute to our liking or love for the game. But I ask you this:

What type of fan are you?

You’ve heard my story and how my fandom rooted from my childhood and continued studying and playing of the game. It’s undoubtedly become a big part of my life and can easily say that I’m a knowledgeable, passionate, die-hard fan.

So, let’s hear your side. When were you pulled into the game of basketball? How has the NBA and its players impacted your passion for the game? I want to hear your story.

Photo credit: JonathanBachman

  1. Kasey Skala (Reply) on Monday 1, 2009

    Basketball has been my passion since 3rd grade when I was able to play on the school team for the first time. I peaked in 6th grade (12 straight points to open the game still remains my career highlight) I stopped growing and realized that at 5’11 and 160 pounds I probably wouldn’t make a career out of it. Sports has always been my biggest passion and basketball has been the one that I enjoy the most. In the town that I grew up, during my younger years basketball was the sport our high school was good at. So naturally, that was the sport I went and watched. The community was there, the atmosphere was unbelievable.

    From a NBA standpoint, Larry Johnson remains my favorite player followed closely by Hakeem Olajuwon. I remember putting on the old Hornets jersey, lowering my hoop to 7 ft. and playing as Larry Johnson. I remember posting up my buddies and unleashing my signature move – the Skala Shake (my version of the Dream Shake). I remember the Johnson Jiggle, the Chew Skyhook and other moves my friends and I made up.

    I think the main reason basketball grew on me so much was because it was the one sport where all you needed was a ball. Didn’t matter what kind of ball, as long as it bounced, you could use it. Unlike football & baseball you only needed a few friends to play. It was easier to play a pickup game of basketball than baseball.

    This past season I went full circle and purchased my first set of season tickets to the Timberwolves. It’s sort of like I completed the circle of basketball life.

  2. Sonny Gill (Reply) on Monday 1, 2009

    @Kasey: That’s an awesome story of your connection with basketball as a kid. Being able to play anywhere, anytime was what made me love it even more – we were able to play wherever and whenever. Whether it be that laundry basket in my basement when I was a kid, to shooting by myself in the rain at the local court.

    And if you were at a court by yourself, 9 times out of 10, you would be able to play a pickup game with people you didn’t even know, but had a common bond with the rock and the hoop.