The 2010 NBA Season’s Unusual Suspects

The off-season seemed like an eternity (for me at least), but the NBA is back and we’re less than 3 days until the start of the 2010 NBA season. Admittedly, it’s been quiet over at Rockin’ The Rim during the off-season, but there’s been a ton of activity in the NBA. From big Shaq heading over to Cleveland to team-up with Lebron James to Ron Artest joining the reigning champions, L.A. Lakers.

With those big moves, as well as a plethora of others, NBA fans are hot to already proclaim the 2010 NBA Champions. Though many see the season to be dominated by the usual suspects, here are 3 teams that people should keep an eye on:

San Antonio Spurs

Yes, the Spurs may have been a powerhouse for years but lately they’ve been snubbed as the old team that’s past their prime. Granted, Tim Duncan is admittedly on a decline and not the beast he once was, don’t forget that Tony Parker is in his prime and Manu Ginobili will be coming back full-strength after a season of injury. Oh, did I mention that they also acquired the explosive Richard Jefferson? Yea, I’d keep them on my radar.

Atlanta Hawks

They’re young, fiery and play with speed & excitement – all the reason that teams should be wary of them come playoff time. They’re 2 years out from their extraordinary run in the playoffs and almost beating the Celtics – but with such an athletic team, as well as with acquiring Jamal Crawford, the Hawks are primed and ready for another run.

Portland Trail Blazers

Another fairly young team, but one with one of the league’s biggest centers – Greg Oden. Yes, he has been injury prone the last couple years – but with a star like Brandon Roy and the addition of Andre Miller, they’ll be an exciting team to watch this year…even in the tough Western Conference.

Those are my atypical teams to look out for this coming season, but what teams do you think could be added to this list?

Photo credit: Lenny&Meriel

  1. Kasey Skala (Reply) on Tuesday 27, 2009

    I’d say you always have to deal with Utah. D-Will will establish himself as the 2nd best PG (behind CP3), Boozer will have to have a killer year, Brewer and Milsap are improving. Question is what do they do with AK-47? Trade him or will he continue to get back to his old, all-star self?

    Also like Memphis..may not make playoffs, but they have a lot of young talent. It’ll be interesting to see how AI fits in, but I love Gay, Mayo, Conley trio.

    Like you mentioned above, I love the addition of Jefferson to the Spurs. With a healthy Manu & Parker, they should be a lock for a deep playoff run.

    Portland? I don’t know. They definitely have the talent, but it’ll hinge on if Oden can be a solid 18-20 & 10 guy. Think they upgraded at PG and with Roy (who should establish himself as a Top-10 player) they can definitely get a 1st round home series.