How it all started

Sunday Morning – running around in the basement of my parents’ home with my favorite basketball shirt on, Penny Hardaway poster on the wall, television tuned to NBC for the beginning of the day’s triple-header, mini-basketball in hand and my mom’s laundry basket setup against the wall. “3…2…1…EHH!” Seemingly repeated a hundred times.

Those are the earliest and most vivid memories I have of myself as a child, surrounded by the game I already loved and one that would soon engulf my life for many years to come.

Since those early days as a kid to my later years of pickup and organized games, I always saw basketball as a safe haven. Not a sport, but an environment where I could forget about the outside world and focus on the day’s games, the opposing teams, and our game plan. An environment where no matter how long my teammates and I knew each other, we formed a brotherhood and a common goal that day.

My love for the game is as much, if not more, than it was when I was a laundry basket shooting kid. So, I figured what better way to share this than through Rockin’ The Rim. Here I’ll talk shop on the latest going on in the NBA basketball world, the business side of the game, player and team news; but above all, I want to share my passion with other basketball fans.

A bit about me

I’m a marketing and social media nerd! OK, for those who don’t know me (I don’t expect you to=), I’m better known for my work and writings on social media and community building at Rockin’ The Rim is officially my second blog but for the people that I’ve connected with in the online world, they understand my love for basketball as I not only follow the sport but the business part of the game and how teams and players are venturing outside the realm of just basketball and connecting with fans through different online mediums.

It just felt right, for myself and the community, to launch a basketball focused blog that touches on both the passion of the game and how online media is furthering basketball’s footprint in theĀ online world.


So welcome – I hope you enjoy it around here, jump in the conversations, and share your own stories and thoughts on the game that we all have grown with and love. Let’s ball it up!