Joakim Noah’s Hot Air

The image you see is of downtown Cleveland. Not the fanciest or vacation-worthy city, but we Clevelanders still have love for it. Apparently, the same can’t be said for the Bull’s Joakim Noah. Since game 1 of the opening round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs that pits his Bulls against the NBA’s top team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, ‘Kim has been adamant about tearing apart the city with his words to the media. He’s been quoted saying “I don’t know about Cleveland, man, there is nothing going on. It’s bad, man” and “I never heard anyone say I’m going to Cleveland on vacation.”

Sore Loser. Suck It Up?

We all remember it. Last June at the close of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Magic close out the series and instead of shaking the hand of Dwight Howard, Orlando’s Super(man)star, LeBron James walks off the court. More than 8 months later, Peyton Manning gives the same whiff to his counterpart and Super Bowl XLIV champion and MVP, Drew Brees.

What gives?

LeBron James: No. 23 Belongs to Jordan

Watching the Cavaliers vs. Heat game last night, the camera zoomed into the legendary Michael Jordan, who was in attendance and sitting next to Miami team president, Pat Riley. Even MJ couldn’t resist watching two of the games top players going at it – LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. The game was intense and the [...]

The 2010 NBA Season’s Unusual Suspects

The off-season seemed like an eternity (for me at least), but the NBA is back and we’re less than 3 days until the start of the 2010 NBA season. Admittedly, it’s been quiet over at Rockin’ The Rim during the off-season, but there’s been a ton of activity in the NBA. From big Shaq heading [...]

Greatness Comes Without Complacency

When it comes to the NBA and the word greatness, one person that will always pop up in our minds is Michael Jordan. We all know him for what he’s done on the basketball court and the success of 6 NBA Championships that followed. Countless MVPs, regular and postseason, All-Star Appearances, and a myriad of [...]


There comes a time when we’re knocked down to the ground, on the path to our goals, and wonder if it’ll ever stop. If you’ll ever overpower the forces of the universe and if you’ll even make it to those goals you’ve set for yourself. Will these roadblocks ever stop? No. But that doesn’t mean [...]